End Of Lease Cleaning

Your Tenancy lease has come to an end, and you are now ready to go to your new home. You have made an appointment with the furniture removalist regarding the relocation of your belongings.

As part of your rental agreement, you must leave the property clean and tidy at the end of your lease. As a result of this deal, you paid bond money to the property manager who oversees the property.

End-of-lease cleaning is an expectation for all tenants for the property to be able to be rented out. If this requirement is not met, it means that you can lose your bond money.

There are two ways you can carry out your property bond clean. You can do it yourself, or you can engage the professional.
If you prefer to clean yourself, you will need to understand that this is not a usual standard or regular house cleaning service. You have to go over and beyond the routine day-to-day cleaning. End-of-lease cleaning includes the following; all walls must be thoroughly clean, shower scrubbed (including exhaust fans), and all stains removed. The oven must be thoroughly clean (inside and outside), all windows cleaned (tracts and sills), air-condition units (internal and external), Ceiling fans, skirting boards, floors (vacuum and mopped). Also, Carpets must be steam clean.

To carry out your clean effectively, you will need suitable cleaning types of equipment. Due to the extra cost of buying these instruments, many landlords and Tenants chose the services of professional end-of-lease cleaning companies.

Another reason tenants chose professional bond cleaners is the required skills to operate this equipment like the carpet steam cleaning machine.

Proper training is necessary to be able to use these types of equipment adequately.
Many Tenants and Landlords don’t have these skills or equipment, and for this reason, they prefer the professionals to handle their bond clean.

When choosing which cleaning company to clean your property at the end of your Tenancy Agreement, you must ensure that the company is registered. Registered company has their company registration with the government, and you can hold them accountable if you are not satisfied with the job they have done.

You must also ensure that the bond cleaning companies have a guarantee in place if the property manager is not satisfied with the clean and another re-clean is needed. Most cleaning agencies will offer a 3-7 days cleaning guarantee that they will return to the premises for a re-clean or rectify their first clean if it is below standard.
This return guarantee applies to carpet cleaning as well. Do not engage any company that cannot offer you any bond return guarantee.

The end-of-lease cleaning company must be able to offer you a receipt at the end of the clean. Most times, you have to present copies of the receipts to the property manager.
If any company refused to give the receipt of clean, immediately decline to use them for your bond cleaning.

Don’t also forget that pest control is a requirement for both internal and external property. You need a registered and trained pest controller to ensure that your property is properly treated.
Again receipt must be presented to the real estate agent or Landlord.

The external environment of the property must be kept tidy. All weeds must be cut to the appropriate sizes and debris removed from the yard and around the house.

After you have completed the end-of-lease tenancy report, only then can you present the keys to the real estate manager. You are now ready to give the keys to the property manager. They will carry out a full inspection of the property. The property managers will check the current clean against your original entry report to get your full bond money back.

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